Discover mind-blowing routes set up by adventurers all around the world. Leverage peers experience and share your own attempts!

Pokapu is a database of the most incredible routes set up by adventurers all around the world. We help outdoor enthusiasts share their achievements and explore new challenges.

Access relevant feedback. The one from the field.

Maps, elevation profiles, GPS files... Take advantage of what others already accomplished. Compare times, route alternatives and fork existing resources to make them even better! Discover also amazing stories shared by other adventurers. Lessons learned about equipment, photos of a remote spot or technical advices on how to pass a specific pich... Get some wise inspiration from your peers.

Share your attempt. For the people looking after you.

Attempts on Pokapu — see example here — are used for a variety of reasons, including planning a roadmap, tracking a progression live or sharing updates and reports. The service is currently in Beta but we release it to a small batch of users every week. We appreciate your input as we continue to build out features for it. If you want to become a tester, just let us know!

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